Collectible glass

By iiittala Toikka

iittala is the most famous glassworks Finland. Oiva Toikka has more than 50 years, designer of the world-famous glass birds. Now in old age he still designs with passion his glass birds, these are sold and collected. The glass-blowing is a complicated process: each bird is created by hand, with the consequence that not a single bird is the same. The Chlas workshop is unique in the Netherlands and beyond with the collection of rare, Special -and company birds. The 'USA Tacoma museum birds' by our good international contacts prominent with us. Because these birds have never been to buy in shops, they are highly sought after birds for worldwide collectors. In our workshop/ store can be found around 250 iittala/ Toikka birds. The collection is almost weekly changing because of the comings and goings of various birds. If you are looking for a bird that is hard to find, please give us a free search. Our starting point is always that the bird, even though he is "old" in 100% perfect condition must be, otherwise it may 'aviary' do not leave. 

Year Cubes 

A completely different, but no less beautiful or special collector's item of Oiva Toikka the Year Cubes/ Vuosikuutiot. The history of the Year Cubes in 1977 and is now also increasingly by. Meanwhile, there are designed 36 years cubes. Most are approximately 8.5 x 6.5 x 8.5 cm and are now made in a limited and numbered edition of 2,000 pieces, while in the early years, the print run was small (about 500 pieces). Besides the standard Year Cubes are made occasionally abnormal objects. In 2008, a rectangle released with the dimensions 19.5 x 11.5 x 9.5 cm. These are also available in a limited and numbered edition. Because of the rarity of this, the collector's value has risen enormously.

Royal Leerdam

With us is a wide collection available, both ancient and modern brand Royal Leerdam, the famous glass designers such Copier Meydam, Rozendaal, Uiterwaal Menno Jonker, Noyons, Stuurman, Laupman Bloch, van Bakel, Popadicz and of course missing Siem van der Marel not in our collection. Known collectibles include the Orange vases, sculptures, called nail vases, Serica and of course the much coveted single copies of this glass designers. Search: Suppose you want an object, for example, or simply as an addition to your collection, you tell us which brand and which object is involved. We have many contacts a perhaps we can get the desired object for you. This may take some time, but who knows? Obviously the search without obligation.

Did you see anything in our showroom and want more information, do not hesitate to contact us. You are also welcome in our store, make an appointment or for that, we are happy personally.

Oiva Toikka
Andries Copier
Floris Meydam
Siem van der Marel
Jan van der Vaart
Luiciene Bloch